Where to Buy CBD Oil in Oregon


Oregon in the pacific northwest region of the United States is home to 4.218 million residents and attracts more than 29 million visitors each year. The state offers some of the loveliest and most diverse landscapes in the United States and provides countless opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities of any kind. 

Top Natural Attractions in Oregon include:

  • Crater Lake National Park is known for the deepest lake in the US with a depth of 1,943 feet - Crater Lake, formed by the now-collapsed volcano, Mount Mazama. The lake contains clear and intense blue water and is surrounded by cliffs and trees, making it a spectacular natural attraction.

  • Mount Hood, Oregon's tallest peak, is a best-loved destination in Portland for those looking for adventures. It offers scenic opportunities for spending time from camping to fishing and hiking and almost year-round skiing. 

  • Alvord Desert is a breathtaking natural attraction located in southeastern Oregano in Harney County. Here you can find opportunities for peace and relaxation and most likely will not run into many people, as it's amongst the most remote attractions in the state.

  • With a height of 620 feet, Multnomah Falls is Oregon's tallest waterfall and a year-round attraction. It's located just 30 miles (48 km) east of downtown Portland and attracts visitors of all types and ages.

Multnomah falls in the state of Oregon.

Oregon is a beautiful destination for those wanting to escape noisy and busy cities. Most of Oregon is so unpopulated so, it will allow everyone to find a nice and quiet place to settle in, in one of the beautiful little small towns with plenty of options to build a home.

Some of the best towns to live in Oregon include:

  • West Linn

  • Lake Oswego

  • Tualatin

  • Milwaukie

  • Sherwood

With almost 360 miles of coastline, Oregon offers countless opportunities to spend time for Beach lovers too. Per the Beach Bill of 1967, every beach is free to the public year-round, where you can enjoy fishing, surfing, longboarding, and even horse riding.  

Oregon is also one of only five states in the US with no sales tax. Shopping here can be a joyful experience rather than walking around with your calculator to see what's the price you will have to pay at the counter as you'll only have to pay the amount indicated on the tag. 

With so much to do in Oregon, locals and residents are adopting new wellness innovations, including CBD, and the state is known as one of the most cannabis-friendly states in the country. 


Is CBD legal in Oregon?

Yes, CBD is legal in Oregon per the 2018 Farm Bill, and so has been the recreational cannabis use and possession since July 2016. 

Now that CBD is in demand, many local stores have already started selling cannabidiol products. You may begin wondering what CBD is all about and how to choose the right product for your preferences. 


What is CBD?

Getting started with CBD can be thrilling, but it can also produce many questions in your mind and you may want to know more about it before adding CBD to your routine. 

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound in the cannabis plant. The CBD market uses hemp to create numerous products. Hemp is a cousin plant to marijuana, but it doesn't cause any mind-altering symptoms and contains only trace amounts of psychoactive cannabinoid – THC, which will not make consumers' high'. 

  • Hemp has no more than 0.3 percent of THC.

  • Marijuana can feature up to 30% of the psychoactive compound and cause mind-altering symptoms

Both hemp and marijuana are legal in Oregon.

CBD is:

  • A Natural Ingredient

  • A derivative of hemp

  • Non-psychoactive

  • Safe to consume daily

  • Non-addictive

  • Federally legal

  • A trending wellness solution

Hemp-derived products, including CBD, are federally legal for purchase and consumption in all US states, including Oregon.

 Getting to know how does CBD in Oregon works.

How Does CBD work?

CBD works through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans and animals. A complex system helps regulate functions in the body related to mood, pain/inflammation, sleep, memory, appetite, and more.

The Endocannabinoids system consists of ECS receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids - neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system. Endocannabinoids play a crucial role in the body's functioning and health and exist in the brain, tissues, organs, glands, and immune cells. 

Human endocannabinoids are very similar to the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, like CBD. They act just like endocannabinoids and bind to cannabinoid receptors in the human body. 

Through receptors, the ECS utilizes CBD and other Cannabinoids to stimulate natural processes in the body. 


Which CBD Products Can You Buy in Oregon?

When you start searching for CBD products in Oregon, you'll see there're different product types and choices and may wonder what's the difference between these.

CBD tinctures are incredibly popular amongst CBD enthusiasts. These oral drops come in bottles with a dropper applicator and combine CBD oil with additional ingredients such as plant-based oil or other ingredients for flavor. Tinctures are easy to consume and don't call for any prep work. You can take them sublingually – drop a few drops under the tongue, and it will deliver quick results through the sublingual blood vessels. 

CBD softgels offer one of the quickest and easiest ways of consuming CBD. CBD Softgels contain premeasured amounts of CBD, and swallowing them is the perfect way of taking CBD effortlessly. However, CBD capsules will take longer to go through the digestive system to take effect than dripping a few drops of the tincture under the tongue. Additionally, they provide a predetermined amount of CBD and aren't perfect for those who don't yet know the proper dosage. Tinctures offer a better option of carefully measuring and gradually increasing the intake of CBD.

CBD edibles such as CBD gummies provide the tastiest and most fun way of consuming CBD. You can chew them anywhere at any time and enjoy the great they offer. CBD edibles like softgels offer a premeasured amount of the compound and take longer to kick in.

CBD topicals are also booming in popularity amongst CBD consumers. They come in the form of salves and ointments, creams and lotions, facial oils and serums, or even lip balms.  CBD topicals combine numerous potentially beneficial ingredients, such as menthol, aloe, olive oil, glycerin, tea tree oil, etc., and may help relieve certain skin conditions.


How to Choose Where To Buy CBD Oil in Oregon?

Where can I buy CBD in Oregon? There are numerous ways to acquire CBD in Oregon, both online and at physical stores, but not all provide the same ingredients, quality, and strength. 

Low-grade products will not bring the desired outcomes, and mislabeled hemp-derived CBD with more than trace amounts of THC will cause unwanted side effects. Moreover, some products are contaminated and contain unwanted elements such as heavy metals and pesticides, especially if the hemp the brand uses grows in contaminated land or comes from foreign countries. So when you want to buy CBD Oil in Oregon:

  • Shop from reputable brands

  • Check the origin of hemp and buy CBD only from U.S.-grown hemp

  • Look for the third-party lab test results proving the purity and potency of a product

  • Check online reviews

 Buying CBD in Oregon online.

New Haven Naturals offers Top-Grade CBD to Locals and Visitors in Oregon

Luckily, you don't need to spend hours or days finding the best CBD when Oregon offers endless possibilities of having a great time in its diverse nature. Buy CBD oil in Oregon by shopping online at New Haven Naturals, and we will deliver our CBD tincture straight to your door before you leave for another adventure. 

With such an increased number of options, you need some good reasons to choose one product over another, so here's what makes our CBD the right choice.

  • Every single ingredient in our product is USDA certified organic and sourced in America.

  • Our full-spectrum tincture utilizes all of the plants and the rich set of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids essential for the entourage effect while still having less than the federally legal THC amount of THC. 

  • Third-party lab test results prove the quality and potency of the product so that you can be well-assured you're getting what you expect from your purchase.

Most importantly, we use only top-grade, certified organic and American grown hemp, which grows under strict regulations without using pesticides and other chemicals in the growing process. 

We want our customers to be well-assured to get uncontaminated, superior, and top-quality products, so we make third-party lab test results available on our website to prove our product's quality. So when you are searching for the best CBD in Oregon, look no further; order one today!