Where to Buy CBD Oil in Columbia, SC?


Are you planning your next trip to Columbia, SC? It must feel exciting as South Carolina's marvelous capital city will charm any visitor all year round. From historical sites to adventurous escapes, some of the best culinary spots in the state, and the endless entertainment opportunities won't leave anyone disappointed, so going to the center of The Palmetto State must indeed feel thrilling. However, South Carolina doesn't keep pace with other states that have already made marijuana legal. While selling and consuming marijuana is still a big 'no,' you may wonder if CBD is safe to bring to Columbia, SC, or where you can buy one of the cannabidiol products once there, so here's everything to know.


Is CBD Oil Legal in Columbia, SC?

Luckily, unlike marijuana, CBD is legal for sale, purchase, and consumption in Columbia, SC, so you won't have to worry about finding or consuming cannabidiol here. Like federal law, the local law in South Carolina requires hemp-derived products to contain less than the .3% THC content to be considered legal, so always check the labels before purchasing CBD in Columbia.


What is CBD?

Although already a wellness trend, many mistakenly believe CBD to be similar to marijuana or getting consumers' high', both of which are untrue. CBD is a compound, while marijuana is a plant in the cannabis plant family. CBD on the market doesn't derive from marijuana, but its cousin plant hemp, which is safe, non-psychoactive, and federally legal. Marijuana has high THC content – the psychoactive compound responsible for marijuana's impairing effects. In contrast, hemp has only trace amounts of THC and high CBD content and won't get users high. 


The 2018 farm bill made hemp and all its derivatives with up to .3% THC federally legal for purchase and consumption, and since then, CBD has been booming in popularity. Now it's widely available in numerous different forms, and millions of people have already included the famous cannabis compound into their routines.

CBD is:

  • Natural
  • Non-addictive
  • Non-impairing
  • Safe to use daily
  • Federally legal
  • Derivative of Hemp

Shopping for CBD in Columbia, SC

The demand for CBD has been rising in recent years, and Columbia is no exception. CBD is now widely available at local health and beauty, cannabis, vape, and supplement stores. Finding CBD products in Columbia is now super easy, and you can acquire one during your walk in the capital city of South Carolina. However, not all CBD products are made equally, and they vary in the ingredients they use and the quality they offer. Low-grade CBD products can be ineffective, or at worst, even harmful for your health, so you have to be well-assure to be acquiring a safe solution.



Buying CBD Online in Columbia, SC

Online shopping for CBD in Columbia, SC, is safe and more convenient than in-store shopping. It eliminates the need to walk from store to store to find a reliable brand and product, as you have countless options at your fingertips online. Moreover, here you can find and access all the necessary information to make the right decision, including:

  • Online reviews – reading online reviews and how others have used and benefited from the product can help set the right expectations.
  • Information about the brand – here, you can see a brand's website and read information about its products like processing methods, ingredients they use, where the hemp grows, and their experience in the industry.
  • Third-party lab test results – Finding a product that might seem like a reliable solution is easy, but finding one proven in quality can get challenging. Many brands make false claims about their CBD and sell products that are either ineffective or harmful. Mislabeled CBD products can contain unwanted elements like heavy metals and pesticides, more than the federally legal amount of THC (which can lead to failed drug tests) and a lower amount of CBD than what's indicated on the label.


Choosing the Right Product

Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum CBD Products

CBD products come in various forms, and they provide different results. In terms of chemical profile, CBD falls into two primary categories: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD products feature all active ingredients in cannabis, including THC in federally legal amounts, while broad-spectrum CBD products are THC-free.

Full-spectrum CBD is a favorite choice amongst many consumers who want to benefit from the entourage effect – a theory claiming that consuming more than one cannabinoid can deliver more robust results than only one. Full-spectrum CBD products contain minuscular amounts of THC that won't cause unwanted symptoms or problems unless mislabeled.


CBD Product Types You Can Buy in Columbia, SC:


CBD tinctures are amongst the fastest-acting CBD products on the market. They are CBD oral drops consisting of CBD oil and additional ingredients, giving tinctures varying flavors. Tinctures feature a dropper applicator for sublingual administration and enable consumers to measure the amount of oil to consume carefully. Tinctures are easy to administer by dripping a few droplets of the liquid under the tincture, holding it for up to 60 seconds, and swallowing. They deliver almost immediate results thanks to the sublingual blood vessels making a shortcut for CBD to enter the bloodstream instead of going through the digestive tract. Tinctures are the top choice for newcomers who haven't yet determined their daily CBD dosage as they can gradually increase the amount of CBD oil to consume using a dropper applicator.


Easy-to-swallow CBD softgels come in premeasured CBD amounts, and although they offer the most effortless and flavorless CBD consumption method, CBD through softgels takes much longer to kick in than tinctures. That's because softgels need to go through the digestive tract before your experience CBD's results, which means less absorption and more time to see its outcomes.


CBD edibles are any CBD-infused food or drink, and CBD gummies are the most popular product on the market.  Each piece comes in a premeasured amount of CBD, and like softgels, they will take longer to affect your body.


CBD topicals are directly applied to the skin, and they come in the form of moisturizers, salves, creams, balms, lotions, soaps, cleansers, bath bombs, and other skincare products. Topicals are perfect for those who want to target localized areas instead of ingesting CBD.


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