The New Haven Naturals Process

Finest CBD in the Market

Hemp source has a tremendous effect on the quality of your CBD products, and its growing practices and origin significantly impact your experience with cannabidiol. However, even top-grade hemp cannot guarantee the best quality product if it’s not distilled and processed properly.


At New Haven Naturals, we believe the quality of your products depends on the quality of hemp, proper extraction, production methods, and pairing CBD with the highest-quality organic ingredients. 

So what do you get?

Only the premium quality CBD from a company that knows the ins and outs of cannabidiol and has mastered the art of creating best highest quality products from pure organic hemp.


Our extensive hemp knowledge, combined with the passion we have for natural relief, has allowed us to create CBD that brings only the desired results and is simply the best you can find on the market today!

Our 5-Step Process for the Highest Quality CBD

Step 1: Choosing the Highest Quality Hemp

Premium quality hemp brings premium quality CBD – it's not rocket science, but many brands go cheap by using imported hemp that may contain heavy metals or pesticides. 


Hemp drives up toxins and heavy metals from the ground during its growing season, which means that it may bring unwanted ingredients to your products if it grows in contaminated land. Unlike many of our competitors, we invest in acquiring the top-grade hemp for our products grown in organic, nutrient-rich soil in the United States.


The hemp we use grows under strict farming regulations and is USDA Certified Organic by QAI. 

Step 2: Processing Hemp

The hemp is dried at a perfect temperature and processed adhering to the highest standards in the industry to produce a higher quality CBD than many others can offer. Once the hemp is processed, the next step in the journey, perhaps the most exciting part of the production, is extracting CBD.  

Step 3: Extracting CBD

We extract CBD at a cGMP-compliant facility, which assures our CBD products' potency, quality, and purity. 


There are different extraction methods, but not to dive too deep into the topic, in short, we use the one we believe to be the best to create the highest quality CBD. 


Supercritical CO2 is the most popular extraction method that guarantees no residual solvents make it into our products. Instead, only the hemp's phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are left after the extraction, essential for the entourage effect – which usually leads to more effective full body well being.

Step 4: Separating Solvent from Extracted Oil

Another remarkable aspect of the extraction method we’ve chosen is its ability to simplify the separation process. 

Although other extraction solvents, such as propane and butane, or ethanol/alcohol mixtures, require additional distillation to separate the solvent from the extracted oil, CO2 doesn't need much to separate from hemp extract.  Because carbon dioxide has a super-low boiling temperature and wants to be a gas at room temperature, it naturally separates from the extracted oil without the need for additional distillation or purging.

Step 5: Third-Party Lab Testing to Prove the Quality

Claiming our product to be safe and the best on the market wouldn't call for more than typing a few words on the keyboard. However, we go beyond making unproven claims about our CBD and prove the quality through independent third-party lab testing.

The lab test results determine the potency of a product, prove there’s only the federally legal amount of THC in the bottle, and that it’s free of unwanted ingredients such as yeast, mold, pesticides, or heavy metals.